Atwood Mobile Products and Suburban provide exceptional products both in design and engineering. Suburban has been involved with the RV Industry for more than 40 years, 30 for Atwood. Both apply their experience to contend, improving and innovating as well as supplying durable, effective, and efficient water heaters, amongst other products. They uphold their prestige and continue to serve as an integral part of the Recreational Vehicle Industry.


Atwood & Suburban Water Heater

Both Atwood & Suburban Water Heaters include a variety of similar features, however, they still retain differences that allow them to remain unique to their manufacturer. Similar features include power source selection, electric ignition, direct spark ignition(DSI), heat exchangers, etc. Although there may be title variances to identify similar functioning features the feature being referred to essentially operates exactly the same. I.E. Atwood's "Relighter" feature or Suburban's "Re-ignitor" feature. Both serve to prevent pilot outage.
    Similar Available Features:
    • Electric Ignition
      ensures the pilot remains lit.
    • Power source selection
      allows a switch between primary energy sources such as LP gas and electricity.
    • Direct Spark Ignition or DSI
      allow remote ignition of the water heaters pilot.
    • Heat exchangers
      utilize heat energy produced by an operating motor.
Not all water heaters provide these convenient features. Select models may include a feature or a combination of features.

Where there are similarities there are differences. Both manufacturers may include similarities but these similarities may function differently to remedy an issue or to provide a convenient service. Manufacturers will also have exclusive features to help set them and their products apart from competitors and potentially to gain an advantage over one another.

Atwood & Suburban water heaters are corrosion resistant but they address this issue differently. Atwood puts cladded Aluminum to good use. Not only does it make for a much lighter water heater, in fact up to 14-30 lbs lighter making them the lightest in the industry, it helps to combat corroding effects simply due to its construction. So, there is no need for anode rods.

Suburban water heaters, although bulky, make up for being hefty by being fully equipped to ward off corrosion by utilizing porcelain lined steel tanks and electrolytical action "absorbing" anode rods. Their method is so effective, if maintained properly, it can double or even triple the included 3 year limited warranty.

Atwood Water Heaters are more compact than suburban water heaters as a result this makes them more versatile and possibly more efficient at least under some circumstances. Where some lack in size and capacity they make up for it in performance. Select models extend beyond their capacities by utilizing a mixing valve that mixes hot water, heated above average temperatures, with colder water to provide 50% more hot water.

Suburban Water Heaters have the fastest recovery time in the industry. This means more heated water and reduced cool water cycles. The recovery rate for 6, 10, 12, and 16 gallon gas water heaters is 10.2 gph(gallons per hour). Combination models with gas and electric can provide an additional 6.0 gph. If used simultaneously an astonishing 16.2 gph gallons would be recovered! And to ensure the most is obtained from this recover Suburban Water Heaters are fitted with specifically molded copolymer insulations jackets, increasing heat retention.

Exclusive Safety features have been designed for Atwood Water heaters to prevent complications. Each model comes equipped with 120 volt/1400 watt "incalloy" heating element which is designed to withstand operating an empty tank, accidentally. They also include pressure, thermostat, and temperature relief valves and a limit switch for high temperatures which allows regulation to prevent problems.

Suburban Water Heaters do not include any type of safety features but their design may integrate safety. As in they may not require such features included with Atwood water heaters since the design may apply self-sustaining regulation rather than Atwood's manual solution.

There you have it, a basic comparison of Atwood & Suburban water heaters. Both are exceptional products with as many similarities as differences. Hopefully now you can take the information provided above and use it at your discretion to determine which manufacturer's product best accommodates you.

If product specifications are what you are looking for, such as dimensions or product feature inclusions, probe deeper by clicking these manufacturer specific links.

Atwood Water Heater 6 & 10 gal. Atwood XT Water Heater, 6 & 10 gal. Suburban Water Heaters

Girard Tankless RV Water Heater

Using up to 60% less LP Gas The Tankless Girard RV Water heater uses less energy than its tank counterparts by supplying energy only when hot water is demanded. There is no need for a burning pilot light even if hot water isn't needed. Storage water heaters and even insulated models inevitably allow precious heat to escape leaving you with the inconvenience of having to reheat water you had already heated. The Girard Tankless RV Water Heater addresses this issues with its innovative design using a sensor to detect water flow it utilizes a microprocessor and heater exchanger to heat water to a set temperature. It features a Dual BTU Burner which ensures less gas is used if incoming cold water temperature happens to be relatively warm since it takes less energy to heat warmer water. Fuel consumption is decreased since its design is lighweight, weighing up to 90 lbs less than storage tank models.
    Girard Tankless Water Heater:
    • Hot water is instant
    • Unlimited hot water since water is heated as it is demanded
    • No recovery time since there is no storage tank to fill and keep full
    • Dual BTU Burner adjusts to accommodate flowing water's temperature
    • Reduced power consumption makes it Environmentally Friendly

Girard Tankless Water Heater